Feb 262012

Brace yourself, this is going to be intense…

The name says it all! Those of you who have known me for five or more years know that I’m an expert in pleasure products. Those of you who don’t, I use to coach women on increasing their sexual well-being through the use of various sensual items…more commonly called vibrators.

When I was asked to review the Intensity by JOPEN my curiosity got peaked by it’s innovative design and I had to say ‘YES’!

Intensity by JOPEN

The Intensity is the first adult pleasure “object” created from a medical device. A team of medical professionals created an apparatus to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles and that’s how it all began.

Everyday women like you and me took part in the initial testing and reported having intense orgasms when using the device. Scientific research indicates the pelvic floor muscles are partly responsible for the involuntary contractions which occur during an orgasm. That’s why it’s very important to tighten and tone by doing your Kegels ladies…more intense and frequent orgasms!

With the added vibration on the shaft in the form of a G-Spot stimulator and a vibrating stimulator placed on the base for external use, the Intensity had the ability to hit virtually every erotic area of a woman’s body simultaneously! Not only now do women have a product that can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles essential to their sexual health, this wonder tool has the potential to create powerful orgasms (…and might I add, increase a man’s pleasure too).

Here’s a fantastic video explaining the benefits of using the Intensity by JOPEN…

In case you missed it here are its amazing stats:

    • The powerful dual vibrating motors have five speeds of intense vibration and 10 Incremental Levels of Electro Stimulation targeting the internal and external erogenous zones.
    • The dual stimulating contacts enhance pelvic contractions – yes indeed!!
    • It’s made with premium grade Silicone, which is non-porous, very soft and durable – my material of choice.
    • It has an inflatable shaft which allows you to personalize size and fit
    • This is an automatic Kegel exerciser to strengthen and tone muscles – making a woman seem tighter and more youthful…and smile more don’t you think?
    • 100% Manufactured in the USA!!

In my opinion, every woman needs one…even if only for greater health, right ladies? Get your own Intensity from The Goddess Boutique.
xoxoHere’s to much health and even greater pleasure,

Angela, The Goddess Next Door

Dec 222009
lora necklaceLora Elizabeth’s Jewelry is made of sterling-silver, genuine leather and pure swarovski crystals. Many of her pieces are hand-cut, filed, stamped, oxidized and polished with love.

I was so excited to receive my necklace and charms. Lora custom made one for me which says ‘Inspired You’. She also made me four smaller circles with the letters TGND (The Goddess Next Door) stamped on them. I have been wearing them and I love them because they are so uniquely mine. You decide how to express your friendship, your caring, your personal statement and Lora Elizabeth can make you one of your own!
Just think what a great gift this would be for one of your favorite Goddess Girlfriends or how cute they would be for a bridal party. Such a wonderful token gift of sentimental value.

Because of the nature of hand-cut and hand stamped jewelry you will find that no two pieces are the same. Each has their own slight variation in the spacing or placement of letters as well as variations in colors of leather and only adds to the uniqueness of your piece.

Each necklace has been hand-stamped and marked uniquely with an LE and a winged heart….. because it’s good to believe in miracles. Make sure to visit her website to find out more and order your stamped jewelry today!


Angela, The Goddess Next Door

lora stamps

Dec 132009

vali sleepHave you noticed how certain scents bring back old memories? The smell of fresh baked bread takes you back to grandmas house when you were a kid. How about the smell of a certain cologne an old boyfriend use to wear. Our sense of smell is very influential in our brain processing.

For thousands of years a method of healing called aromatherapy has been used. Aromatherapy is revered because it allows the therapeutic properties of plants to improve our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Over a decade ago Vali, the owner of Essence of Vali, began focusing on the study of essential oils and homeopathy. Ever since, her desire has been to make a difference in the way people care for themselves and to educate them to the effectiveness of using plant essences.refresh vali

Whether you are looking to improve your sleep with ‘A Bedtime Ritual’, want to spritz yourself with a Botanical Mist, or enhance your experience with a Massage or Bath Oil, Essence of Vali has high quality products you will love. Each essence has a different benefit such as: balance, relief, refreshment, comfort, detoxification or calming peace. I was very impressed by the skill in which the essences have been blended. Various scents have different notes. When blended properly, the various scents can be smelled individually as well as the collective. This is what you get with Essence of Vali. There are lots of essence blends to choose from so check out all of their amazing products at their website and place an order with Vali by email at valiben@aol.com or at the Cosmetic Mall.


Angela, The Goddess Next Door


Nov 262009
guided journalsI’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of journaling but has it been one of those things you keep meaning to start? Maybe you’ve tried journaling before and you found yourself staring at a blank piece of paper unable to write anything down. You just didn’t know where to start. Whether you have been journaling for a long time or are just making the decision to start, you will love the Journals for Positive Change created by Laura Speek.
Laura has created a series of “guided journals” that promote physical, emotional and spiritual health. These journals have pre-formatted prompts that help you stay focused on specific positive lifestyle changes. The benefits of using a guided journal include:
  • Targeting and making specific behavior changes.
  • Addressing important actions you need to practice repetitively in order to be successful, some of which you may not have even thought about.
  • Staying aware and committed to the changes you would like to make.
  • Responding to prompts helping you manage the change process and break it down into small, achievable steps.
  • Keeping a guided journal for a sustained period of time substantially increases your chance for long-lasting, integrated, and successful personal growth.
Each journal has an extensive introduction that explains how to effectively answer the prompts, on-going assessment sections, and cool inspirational quotes. Laura currently has three titles that address body, mind and spirit. I have been free journaling for years and it was great to use Laura’s guided journals which gave me greater focus for my journaling. I loved being able to get a snap shot view of my personal insights, patterns and progress. Journaling is a proven tool for self-exploration and improvement. I recommend these journals for anyone who wants a greater understanding of themself. More information and the journals are available at journalsforpositivechange.com.