Apr 082014
Alice in Wonderland: White Rabbit - Who Killed Time?

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Growing up most girls have visions of meeting the perfect guy, falling in love, and planning their wedding day. For me I thought it was going to happen by 23.

Somehow, those fanciful dreams took a turn. The guy you thought was your one and only turns out to be a big ass, or he told you he never wants to get married (possibly both) and you were heart broken. All the bridal magazines, wedding dress ideas and the engagement ring pics got filed away in the wedding folder.

If we planned it all out down to the little details why haven’t we manifested the man of our dreams? You probably never imagined it would be so hard. Especially as the years have clicked by.

It can happen. Finding your perfect mate quickly and easily.

My sister is happy as ever and married to her high school sweetheart from the 80′s. My brother-in-law’s parents met through friends and 5 days later eloped. That was over forty years ago. It happened for them. It can happen for you.

If it hasn’t happened for you, I know how frustrating it can be; but I honestly believe in divine timing. Everything happens when it’s suppose to. He’ll find you when you’re ready.

Until then…

Here are 5 reasons why you’re still single: (Disclaimer: I believe we all go through most if not all of these at one point or another)

  1. Up until now it hasn’t been a priority in your life.
    • Maybe you chose to focus on your education or career first. That’s admirable. Once you  make the decision and make finding your mate a priority you’ll focus more time and energy on settling down. It’ll happen naturally once the desire is there.
  2. You aren’t clear on what you want so you send mixed messages out into the Universe.
    • If you feel conflicted about your desire you block the flow of energy and your ability to attract the right relationship. For example, in the past I was conflicted between my desire to build a successful business while traveling the world, and settling down to start a family. Because I had the strong desire to maintain my independence and be fanciful and free I was afraid to date men who were serious candidates for lifetime partnership. Instead I’d attract emotionally unavailable men. That would guarantee I’d never have to settle down. Can you see how I was energetically sending two different messages?
  3. You haven’t created space for the right relationship.
    • Physically, mentally, emotionally there is left over baggage from the past not allowing you to manifest that higher quality relationship you’re looking for. Use the SPARK worksheet to identify what’s unresolved in your relationship closet.
  4. You aren’t a match to what you’re looking for.
    • Sometimes we have lofty ideals of our Prince Charming riding in and rescuing us. Although it works out in fairy tales, a quality man wants his partner to be his equal. If you desire a spectacular man, become a spectacular woman. You’ll have more opportunity to meet your ideal partner once you become the same qualities you desire in your mate.
  5. Your inner masculine and feminine are out of balance.
    • All I’ll say about this right now is that masculine men want to be with feminine women. It’s based in the law of polarity.

The great news is you are in control of each and every one of these reasons why you might be single. That means you have the ability to turn things around in a very short period of time – assuming you want to be in a relationship.

Click to get my free Love SPARK worksheet and begin eliminating these reasons today.

I’ll be launching the online program later this Spring where I’ll take you deeper through each step in the Love SPARK process.

To love, Angela

Feb 242014

As the weeks go by the drama unfolds…on the Bachelor that is. It happens every season.

There’s the girl who becomes an emotional wreck and downright needy. It’s easy to recognize when you aren’t involved. As an outside observer we see the unhealthy patterns, but when it’s your situation it’s almost impossible to see.

pretty little liars

At one point or another haven’t we all been “that girl?” I know I have!

We all want to experience true love with a man who adores us. Sometimes we want it so badly that we ignore red flags. We don’t want to believe that it’s not going to work. Sometimes the relationship is destined for disaster and we just can’t or won’t see it. 

Wrapped up in romanticized feelings towards a guy I’d fall head-over-heels in love with his potential, the fantasy of what I wanted him to be, instead of who he really was. The men I attracted weren’t quality men. I’d fall in love so quickly, I wouldn’t have the chance to learn that before my emotions were involved.

Once I became aware of the deeper beliefs driving my relationships and began changing the beliefs I had about men and love I started attracting higher caliber men. It’s a natural process that happens by resolving old emotional wounds because anything we don’t resolve from past relationships reinforces our beliefs and relationship patterns, negatively affecting all future relationships.

If any of this resonates with you and you feel you have unresolved stuff from the past you’d like help with I’ll be launching an online program called Love Rehab in the next several weeks. If you prefer to work with me one-on-one, check out my Love Intensive Coaching.

PS – You can see first hand what it’s like coaching with me. Watch what Christine & Martin say.

Dec 292013

Businesswoman pulling a businessman's arm

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a confident, independent, fun and spontaneous woman…when you’re single.

But then…

You fall for a guy and when he starts pulling away you suddenly become this clingy, out of control, crazy woman you don’t recognize. You find yourself saying and doing things you would’ve never done when you were single.

Trust me, I know what it’s like. I use to be one of those women and it feels terrible.

Men talk about it all the time.

A guy starts dating a “really cool girl”. They start spending a lot of time together, everything seems to be going great. At a certain point the guy begins feeling secure about where the relationship is headed and so he starts spending more time doing his own thing and hanging out with the guys. All of a sudden this “really cool girl” becomes super clingy and wants to do everything together. He feels like he can no longer please her, starts backing off and distancing himself. Enter the crazy woman. He  has no idea what’s going on, he feels her become Needy and he’s gone. Never to be heard from again.

So what happened?

She had an old love program that got activated, she got scared and started chasing him. In his mind she became desperate and needy. Two things men find highly unattractive.

Here’s the deal…we all have needs.

It’s not that you shouldn’t have needs but when you try to get your needs met from someone else (a guy in this case) those needs become Needy, driving you to out of control thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We all have the capacity to become Needy until we upgrade our internal Love Programs. When we expect a man or our partner to fulfill our needs and we don’t take care of our own needs we become Needy and push the man away. Needy energy repels men. They don’t want to feel responsible for taking care of your needs. That becomes a heavy burden.

I want to help you get your needs met without becoming needy.

During my Love Rehab program there is an effective process I teach to upgrade your Love Operating System. These are the steps:

1. Identify the “Need” being triggered.

2. Express the feelings the “Need” has been suppressing

3. Receive what is needed to upgrade the outdated program by fulfilling your own needs.

During Love Rehab I walk you through each of these steps so you can begin the process of letting go of the blocks between you and true love.

Next post I’ll share more how this Needy energy blocks you from the love you desire.


Angela, Your Attraction Coach